Pappu Yadav, Member of Parliament from Bihar represents the Madhepura Constituency in Lok Sabha

Originally named Rajesh Ranjan, Also known as ‘Netajee’ is not just famous as the the founder of, Jan Adhikar Party Loktantrik (A Political party that is purely formed to help and support the common people) But, Also as the ‘Gareebon Ka Maseeha’. The one who perceives to fight for the betterment of the ignorant section of the society. Who don’t know what Mahatma Gandhi quoted about good people,
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10,578,540 Volunteers
19 Service Hours
125,422 Campaigns
513,047 Meetings

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Health, Wealth, Education, Cleanliness and happiness are the basic requirements of any Society. To fulfill all these basic needs, there is a need of responsible politician. Rajesh Ranjan, fondly called Pappu Yadav have been....

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Our Mission

The basic dream of the people of Bihar needs to be fulfilled and to turn this dream into a reality, He is working day and night. He exclaimed, “Our target is helping the backwards & needful. With JAPL, we tend....

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Will Change the Scenario of Bihar Only with your Support

“Usually, doing good welcomes good in your life automatically.” Believing this ideology, it is sure that the love been spread around will assemble at one place. Also, your love and encouragement will lead to give more of him for the state. Your support can change the entire scenario. Believe it or not. The good you need in your state could only be gained if you take the decision wisely. Else, the drowned state of the place will just get worst. The smile on your faces is what we want, you support to Jan Adhikar Party Loktantrik or JAPL can help us do that. The change is you because it will come from you.

Media Presence


27 Jan

Politicians raise intolerance issue for votes

Jan Adhikar Party leader and Lok Sabha MP from Bihar Pappu Yadav today said there is no "intolerance" in....

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08 Dec

A biopic on politician Pappu Yadav

Param Gill, an American director of Indian origin, known for Hollywood film, Going to America, has acquired the....

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06 Feb

Pappu Yadav turns home to sarai for Bihars needy

At 11A, Balwant Rai Lane, the official residence of Lok Sabha MP Pappu Yadav, Shadiq Khan is a busy man. The house....

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